Since 1969, Mode Medikal established as a part of a company union which has been working with global brands in the field of automotive, home appliance, defense industry, construction and medical sector. 

46 Years in Country Industry

Mode Medikal, owns many international awards through service quality and superior achievement therefore the machine tools that have been produced by Mode Medikal corporate group 45 years ago are still used confidently. Mode Medikal was founded by industrialists and academicians in 2008, Mode Medikal Dental Implant products are exported to many countries outside of our country as a result of the completion of many scientific and clinical studies at the international level.

Dental Implant Products which Manufactured by high-tech production facility and automation systems is tested at each stage, product diversity and the advantages of quick delivery from stock as well as keep supporting to the dentists in the planning and implementation stage by our academicians.

As a product, Dental Implant Products which is exported to 30 countries listed in the global implant brands by American Third Wave Dental Institution and proofed that a quality turk product.

Mode Medikal Products are being preferred safely more than 30 countries.
Mode Medikal Tic.Ltd.Şti.

This is a short historic of how we started this company and where are we now:


Ideal Drill factory Hadımkoy, Istanbul

We have started our country industrial production activities 40 years ago. In 1969 in our country, we have established 4 machine tools companies and that machine tools are still being used active. We are proud of what we have done in the past..

Akmakina Intenational Commerce Limited Company

Establishing high technology production systems and turn-key automated factories in Turkey and various countries by its 80 engineers, serving in every point in our country.


Mode Medikal Industrial commerce Limited Company

Mode Medikal was established with modern and and latest technology in the field of impalantology and works with expert academician and experienced engineers.

Medical Products which used safely in the 30 countries

International awarded and 45 years experience of achievement


Mode Medikal which is a global implant manufacturer has the latest technology and full automatic CNC machines with high precision.


Completely quality controlled all the products of Mode Medikal are manufactured by pure water production technology which was developed by Mode Medikal R&D engineers without industrial oil.


In Mode Medikal facility, the measurements and controls are done by the latest technology laser and optical devices with high precision.


Through Fiber Optic Laser technology capability of precision surface roughening and code marking process.


All implant models between 5 mm – 16 mm are roughened at micro size with full automatic CNC Surface Morphology and Measurement Machine developed by Mode Medikal engineers.


By the TiN technology, Surgical Drills, Torque Ratchets, Ball Attachments and Locator Abutments surface resistance 4 times and reduce the surface friction coefficient to the minimum level.


Dental Implant KA implants gain high osseointegration properties in high technology automation lines and sterile surface laboratories.


After packaging process under the high sterilisation, Dental İmplant KA implants are sterilised with 25 kGy gamma irradiation process and at the final process, packages are stored in the validation certified clean room.


The products which are sterilized by special solutions, ultrasonic and autoclave devices without touching are packed in A- class Laminar air and microbiologic cabinets. With double sleeve vacuum special package, the products are under protection to prevent contamination and organisms formation.

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